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Michael L. Hopen, MD

“It’s the easy-to-use simple 
solution to eye drop anxiety.”

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Dr. Michael is certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology.

"I’ve seen the freedom and confidence that Visual Drops has given to my patients. And I’m excited to now share that with you."

“As an eye surgeon I saw that many of my patients were anxious about using eye drops, and often needed help administering them. So I invented Visual Drops,  a simple device which allows anyone to apply their eye medication – with total accuracy by themselves, anywhere. 

The difference has been incredible. I’ve witnessed first-hand patients young and old – from seniors who needed help, to small children who found their eye drops scary and intimidating – applying them easily and without any anxiety at all.”

Watch and control every drop with the magnifying mirror.

Keep track of your daily drops with a clever click counter.

No more relying on someone else to do it for you.

Zero wastage of precious, 
expensive medication.

Designed to ease your everyday struggle with eye-drops

“Numerous other eye drop aids exist but, in my opinion, they’re inadequate. Patients may still flinch or close their eyes during application – due to drop anticipation anxiety – thus contaminating the drop, or missing the surface all together. 
Every Drop Counts! Branded medications can cost hundreds of dollars per bottle, bringing the cost per drop to more than $10. With Visual Drops, you really can save money with proper eye drop administration.”

Michael L. Hopen, MD

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