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NEW Visual Drops

At last: apply your own eye drops with confidence, anywhere.

NEW Visual Drops

At last: apply your own eye drops with confidence, anywhere.

Once you’ve administered your drops, adjust the click counter to show how many drops you’ve used. 

Keep track with the counter


While looking in the magnifying mirror, squeeze the bottle gently to release the amount of medication into your eye.

Squeeze gently


See close-up what you are doing


Ensuring the 10x magnifying mirror is clean and ready to use, hold it up to your eye and get ready to administer your drops.

Snap your eye drop bottle into the device


Visual Drops also works as a convenient carry-case for your eye drops – so you really can administer your medication anywhere.

It’s so easy... just snap, see and squeeze.

Visual Drops works with most eye drop bottles

See each eye drop applied perfectly every time

Reduce the anxiety associated with eye drop application and increase confidence in your eye health.

Invented by eye surgeon Dr. Michael L. Hopen, Visual Drops lets you easily and accurately 
apply your own eye medication – without worrying about getting it wrong. And without 
wasting a drop.

Dr. Michael is certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology and member of the American Glaucoma Society.

Watch and control every drop with the magnifying mirror.

Keep track of your daily drops with a clever click counter.

No more relying on someone else to do it for you.

Zero wastage of precious, 
expensive medication.

Who can benefit from Visual Drops?

Anyone who uses eye medication will find that Visual Drops makes application easier.

  • Children will be able to administer their own eye drops without anxiety.

  • Seniors will be able to see more clearly.

  • And if you use multiple eye medications, Visual Drops helps you avoid mix-up by keeping the colored cap visible.